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Jeremy Woolhouse is a jazz pianist in Melbourne, Australia.  Exploring the reflective and meditative qualities of musical narrative, his compositions are moving and evocative.  Jeremy's simple, understated sound is inspired by the aesthetics of ECM jazz recordings.

Jeremy received critical acclaim for his composition, recordings and performance in Woolhouse-Michailidis-Robertson, Birchall and Woolhouse and Silverbeat projects.  His signature melodic lyricism and elegant use of harmony shine in a style which fuses jazz, classical and South American music.

Teaching music since 1998, Jeremy has been developing ways to engage students’ creativity and promote confidence. He sees music education as an investment personal development. Jeremy is interested in music being a healthy and inspiring recreation or a rewarding and engaging profession for pupils.

In offering structured and personalised lessons, Jeremy promotes his students achieving independence and prolonged wellbeing whilst enjoying the learning process.

Jeremy has accumulated experience teaching Alexander Technique to performing artists for professional development, injury rehabilitation, RSI and pain management.  Jeremy works with a diverse range of students, applying Alexander Technique to a host of conditions and professional applications.

Drawing on experience as a professional pianist and teacher, Jeremy is uniquely qualified to present musicality and technique in a way which coordinates the complete performance.

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