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50 Hortense Street
Glen Iris, VIC, 3146

0490 126 293

Jeremy Woolhouse is a jazz pianist and composer in Melbourne, Australia known for melodic lyricism and elegant use of harmony.


Jazz piano for kids and teenagers

Structured lessons specifically to make piano playing fun and inspirational for kids and teenagers. Learning improvisation and composition builds confidence and inspires creativity. No exams - an alternate to conventional classical piano lessons.

Jazz piano lessons for kids and teenagers

An alternate to mainstream lessons

Not everyone suits the traditional pedagogy of piano. Jazz offers a more paradigm with plenty of freedom for individual expression. Creativity is fostered through play, and skills are taught trough games. Improvisation is an excellent way to build self confidence and jazz has that at its core.

Rather than studying abstracted concepts, the theory of jazz is integrated into the practicality of playing. Composition is also used as a tool for developing an understanding of the workings of music.

Exams become redundant when young students are enjoying the process of practice and gaining inspiration in their lessons. A presentation of progressive challenges structures the student’s technical development in a more playful way than drills and exercises.

Music is most fun when it is playful!