After near sell out in March, Birchall and Woolhouse return to the Paris Cat for an extended show.  Presenting works from the acclaimed album “The Scenery of Life Unfolding” and more.  Shannon will be playing for Les Mis during their Melbourne season which starts on the 12th June and will run until December, so this is the last chance to hear the duo this year!

Two sets, music starts at 9pm and concludes at 11pm.

Reserved seating applies - bookings highly recommended!

9pm Wednesday 11th June 2014

Paris Cat Jazz Club

6 Goldie Place Melbourne 


9642 4711  Paris Cat Website  Online bookings

“ that are spacious, brooding, unpretentious in their delivery, and unfailingly lovely.”  Dan McClenaghan - All About Jazz

“... a schema for what could so easily be a cinematic soundtrack.  The story of the film would tell of passion; brooding, melancholic and wistful, each mood is underscored by the bowing of the bass....” Ken Cheetham - JazzViews

“...a musical journey that is full of brooding, melancholy, and sense of regret ... whilst these moods are sustained throughout the album, it is never mired in its emotional world, rather, there is a sense of transcendence, hope and quiet resilience.” - Dan Nilsson - ejazznews

“Theirs is a jazz without boundaries, one that stirs in a classical use of space and a progressive penchant for unusual song construction, even as they confirm a latent ability to swing like crazy..” - Nick DeRiso - Something Else

Birchall and Woolhouse

The intimacy of the duet allows for spacious, relaxed interaction between pianist Jeremy Woolhouse and bassist Shannon Birchall.   The duo feature compositions from Jeremy stemming from the traditions of jazz and branching out to embrace gospel, contemporary jazz, pop, classical and South American music.

In the duet setting, the virtuosity of Shannon Birchall comes to the fore as the bass weaves a rich tapestry with the piano.  Soaring bowed melodies and contrapuntal interplay contrast steady groove and dramatic unison.  Jeremy and Shannon first collaborated in 2002 in the Estuary Three jazz-tango project on Jeremy’s album Thumbnails.  The duo reunited in 2012 to record The Scenery of Life Unfolding and continue the journey into lightness and darkness, illusion and delusion.

Shannon Birchall - bass

Jeremy Woolhouse - piano/composition


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