With diversity as varied as Melbourne’s weather, Silverbeat are an ensemble almost eluding the genre of jazz.  

Five spirited characters band together on a mission to find myriad expressions of beauty.  Jazz is the homeland from which they depart - returning to infect it with rock, folk, classical, South American, and European influence.  Through the simple and abstract, frenetic and mediative, wild and tranquil, Silverbeat weave cohesion in melodic grace and down to earth groove.  Each member brings compositions, virtuosity and idiosyncrasies to the band’s multifaceted personality.   

A distinctive use of assorted reeds and an exotic integration of vocals creates a symphonic impact with just five musicians.  Melodies that linger, quirky lyrics that seduce and harmonies that send shivers meld into a inspirational performance of poetic wit and majestic intrigue.

Jacqueline Gawler - vocals  |  Lachlan Davidson - reeds  |  Jeremy Woolhouse - piano  |  Frank DiSario - bass  |  Phil Collings - drums