Jazz Piano Lessons

Transition from classical to jazz playing.

For classically trained pianists who wish to broaden their repertoire or expand on skills, learning jazz is a fun and rewarding experience.

Transition lessons introduce and develop improvisation, phrasing, chord voicing and other skills which differ to traditional classical training.

Suitable for pianists with current ability equivalent to AMEB grade 5, age 14 years or over. Previous jazz experience not required.

Specialise in jazz piano.

The studio also welcomes jazz pianists from intermediate to advanced levels, playing for school, university, professionally or just for fun.

Jazz theory, composition, improvisation, chord voicings etc. are taught mostly through the medium of the jazz standard.  Styles include contemporary, swing, latin, bossanova, and blues.

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Alexander Technique for pianists

Alexander Technique teaches ease and efficiency.  You learns skills to address back pain, neck pain, or other things which interfere with comfort and performance.  Alexander Technique actively helps you while you are sitting, walking, playing, working or doing anything that involves posture or movement! 

This is especially relevant to pianists who are experiencing:

  • pain in hands, wrist, shoulder, neck or back,

  • RSI, carpal tunnel, overuse injury

  • performance anxiety

  • tension

and for pianists who wish to improve on:

  • technique, expression, musicality

  • confidence

  • comfort, ease or endurance at the piano

Drawing on experience as a professional pianist and teacher, Jeremy is able to present musicality and piano technique in a way which coordinates the complete performance.

Principles of Taubman Technique are also referred to as complementary to integrated training. Students of any musical background or genre can benefit from Alexander Technqiue.

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Lessons are in Glen Iris, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



View concession and scholarships rates for Alexander Technique lessons.  Alexander Technique sessions are rebatable on many private health insurance policies, or may be considered professional development for some students.  

Regular jazz piano lesson fees

                          60 Min      45 Min

10 sessions          $870     $680

5 sessions           $450      $355

Casual Rate        $95        $76

Online booking:

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