Jeremy Woolhouse and All That Jazz

By Eddie Morton

The Boite and The Surrey Music Café at the Box Hill Arts Centre is dedicated to encouraging a diverse range of international music and artistic expression, and as someone who is dedicated to challenging the norms of musical discipline, The Jeremy Woolhouse Trio definitely fits in nicely with the vibe.

With his group The Jeremy Woolhouse Trio performing tracks from their first album, Ascent, The Surrey Music Café enjoyed the atmospheric, all-genres-fused jazz sounds of one of Melbourne’s most innovative pianists for the first time on May 29.

With no drums, the trio is made up of Jeremy, Georgia Webber (bass) and Dan Nilsson (guitar), culminating in what Woolhouse describes as “a freer form of true improvisation... which is really at the core of good jazz music”.

After the release of Ascent, the response has been uniformly positive, consequently inspiring Woolhouse to venture on to a second solo album.

Admitting that he is not a “dictating bandleader”, Woolhouse has endeavoured to encourage band members and students to embrace their natural ability to imagine and improvise new sounds, new compositions and new arrangements, without the restrictions of written music.

As a result, the process is simplified. He supplies the other members with a lead sheet and a theme and lets the harmonies and melodies evolve from there.

“It can vary a lot, sometimes it comes out with some really unexpected things, but it takes the music beyond what I’d ever be able to imagine on my own.”

Starting off as a trombone player, then finding his passion in piano at The Victorian College of the Arts, Woolhouse understands the importance of experimentation and diversification with music and art in general.

Woolhouse’s endeavour to explore new realms of composition and communication between his internal inspirations and the finished product is self-admittedly, “a lengthy process”. Layer upon layer, tweak after tweak; a finished piece is only really finished when he can say, “I just can’t do any more to it”.

The Boite and Jeremy Woolhouse share a common appreciation for the ongoing exploration of music and culture. This relationship is sure to continue with continually surprising and pleasurable results.

Until then, you can find many more interesting and inspirational acts on their website,

Some of their upcoming shows include Klezmania on Saturday June 4 and The Shannon-Goodrich Ensemble on Friday July 8.


Article Printed in the Autumn edition of Burwood Bulletin.