Melbourne pianist and composer Jeremy Woolhouse has performed with various groups and ensembles however he has become more visible on the Melbourne Jazz stage during the last year with his contemporary trio “Woolhouse - Michailidis - Robertson”.   These three musicians have collaborated to present their latest cd release Ascent” featuring all original compositions from Woolhouse that are reflective of his response to his environment and local culture. 

 This cd is eleven musical journeys interwoven with jazz & world influences. 

There is much to enjoy with gentle refrains that soothe the soul and provide a listening escape into a world of peace, nature and remoteness.

On occasion, this music is reminiscent of gospel or folk music but always underpinned with iridescent solos that gravitate towards an undeniable core of melody and rhythm.

 Woolhouse Michailidis and Robertson blend improvised lines with dexterity and an earthiness that compliments and alludes to nature whilst illustrating the uniqueness and beauty of each piece.


Jennifer Sutherland, review for Melbourne Jazz Meetup Group (MJMG)