Pianist Jeremy Woolhouse wisely welcomes the “deliciously fresh slant” that Lucas Michailidis (guitars) and Ben Robertson (bass) bring to his compositions in their debut album.

The serene, flowing piano benefits from their gentle improvisational exchanges, the bass adding strength and Charlie Haden-like melodic warmth, the guitar subtle inventiveness.

Woolhouse’s approach is rounded, never sharp, and smooth rather than cutting, favouring continuity over space and not given to variations in dynamics.

Gaisy has Michailidis interpolating delightfully and in Going Away all three instruments weave intricate magic. The result is pleasing and the mood calming, as would befit a Sunday afternoon of relaxation. Yet it may call for a big night out.

Download: Gaisy, Going Away File between: Alister Spence, Magnolia


Roger Mitchell

This review appeared in Melbourne’s Sunday Herald Sun liftout Play on April 3, 2011.  It is also published on Roger Mitchell’s jazz site:  ausjazz.net