Notes which appeared on the inside of the brown paper wrapping of The Scenery of Life Unfolding album (not all editions).

Adding new dimensions:

“Shannon and I first collaborated in 2002 with accordionist Anthony Shultz on the Estuary Three jazz-tango project for the album Thumbnails. 

In 2011 we reconnected and soon I had gigs booked for duet setting.  I’ve always enjoyed recordings of piano and bass duos - Charlie Haden’s series of albums particularly.  It was such a timely and inspiring reunion, I wanted to record.

The duet setting has spaciousness to it, but also depth and breadth.  Opening my compositions  to interpretation by another musician allows them to evolve beyond what I can achieve alone.

Shannon is a true virtuoso of the bass.  His vast musical experience and deep musicality infuses his every note.  His ability to transcend genre and get to the essence of a tune is truly wonderful.  Aside from his instrumental prowess, Shannon is a very warm and generous musician.  I am sincerely grateful for the constructive and thoughtful input he has brought to the project.

Similarly, Hadyn Buxton’s expert engineering, critical ear and humor have made the process thoroughly gratifying and entertaining."

Jeremy Woolhouse,  2014

Track Notes

1.     Echoes in Emptiness
Thoughts or emotions seem to come back again and again to haunt, even though they have no substance.

2.      Virtual Affection
Along with track 3 and 7, this composition is based on the poetry of Lisa Chappel.  The related story is of obsession with technology prevailing over personal contact.

3.     Four Hours out of Heathrow
The emotional intensity of departures is heightened by the helplessness of mid-flight isolation.

4.      Lost Friends
At times, those closest to us move in directions that create distance.  Sometimes the prior intimacy is never recovered.  

5.      Darkening Shadows
My shadow became dark whilst I basked in your luminescence, but I never turned to look until after you’d gone. The brightest light casts the darkest shadow. 

6.      Optimist's Folly
To persistently invest in deluded dreams is the folly of the optimist.  To have hope without expectation is to be disillusioned positively.  

7.     Bubbles Rising
Perhaps there is much we could have been, but let’s rejoice for all that we were - for we know what happens when bubbles reach the surface.

8.     Tears for the Summer
Though seasons cycle, all things are transient, never the same again. Waves continue while the tide is out.  

9.      The Scenery of Life Unfolding
“Thoughts are nothing but secretions of the brain ... [They are] the scenery of the Life of the Self.”  - Uchiyama Kosho Roshi.

10.      The Third Person
A literary reference, this is neither me, nor you, but him, her, them or it.  How we treat our less immediately personal interactions reflects on our quality of life.

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