I study Alexander because I feel it gives me a technique to evolve myself.  

It gives me a means to access a very fundamental coordination – and engaging with this is consistently associated with more success and enjoyment in whatever I am doing.  New doors open, I find I have more and more choice in things I’d never imagined negotiable.  The art of improvisation expands in music and in life.  

The extent and quality of change which can be made through the technique awakens me to the potential humans have and that is profoundly inspiring!  

Injury has given me a condition where there is ongoing potential for pain.  Alexander Technique gives me something constructive I can do to relieve or prevent pain and examine its causes.  That empowerment offers hope when despair looms.  

I see and understand more about myself and other people; the relationships between their experience, beliefs, physicality and behaviour become more apparent and the world becomes less confusing.  

I’m particularly intrigued by the relationship between music and performer.  There is less division than I previously believed and the technique provides a marvellous vehicle to explore this terrain.

Jeremy Woolhouse, March 2009