Depending on the line up required and the location of the event the cost may vary.  Some projects have minimum call out fees and some may require equipment hire.  If you have a specific budget in mind, please contact us and we can discuss options.  As a guide, you can expect to be paying, per musician, $185 for the first hour and $85 per subsequent hour.  Please ask for a personalised quote.


50% one month in advance is requested.  Balance within thirty days of performance date.  Other terms may be negotiated.

When to call:

We are happy to talk about music anytime!  Even if you are in the early stages of planning your event and don’t really know what you want, we may be able to present a few options.  It is good to lock in dates three months in advance.

What the band need:

  • a performance space suitable to the line up
  • power source
  • access to loading

What the band appreciate in addition to above, if available:

  • car parking
  • catering (caters can usually include an abbreviated meal for the band in their package)
  • backstage room

Set up:

Depending on the venue and line up, the band will need a minimum of fifteen minutes set up time and pack up time.  If you have special requests for early set up, or early arrival, let us know.


We endeavour to cater to requests as best we can.  If a request is something that requires extra resourcing (purchasing music scores, special rehearsals, transcribing), there may be an additional charge for this.  If your request is from the standard jazz repertoire, there won't be!  The bands on this site are made of musicians trained in jazz music - we may decline to play music we don’t feel we can do justice to.  Please give us as much advance notice as possible if you have requests, so we have time to prepare.


The bands on this site rarely have people up on the dance floor … best to get a DJ in later in the evening for that.

The band’s equipment:

Our amplification systems are set up for performing and not always suitable for speeches.  As use of equipment also needs to be supervised, please talk to us if you think you are likely to want to use the PA or any of the band’s equipment.

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