Estuary Three is an exciting trio featuring an exotic mixture of tango and Argentinean music with modern jazz.  Showcasing unique original compositions by innovative young pianist-composer Jeremy Woolhouse, the ensemble features the dynamic Judy Gunson on piano- accordion and ingenious bassist Jo To.  

 Just as the estuary of a river is a point of meeting, Estuary Three is an ensemble where the musicians merge their personal experience and influences.  From this fertile ground grows a unique new style, peppered with hints of the background soil from which it grew.   Estuary Three feature distinctive original compositions, exploiting the relationship between jazz and tango, Argentina and Melbourne, past and present. Complimenting the ensemble’s own tunes are a few contemporary arrangements of traditional tangos and works by the famous pioneer of ‘tango nuevo’, Astor Piazzolla.   The musicians have a common interest in jazz, classical, folk and European music.  They share a fascination in Argentinean culture and a fiery passion for tango.  All are exquisite improvisers and fierce innovators of music, constantly exploring new terrain.  

Judy Gunson is famous for her piano-accordion and vocal work  with gypsy ensembles Cosmo-Cosmolino, Stiletto Sisters and The Country Party.  In Estuary Three, she unites the essential tango character of the bandoneon with her personal accordion sound.  A vibrant and spirited performer, Judy’s shrewd interaction with the ensemble adds an uplifting energy to the performance and enhances the intrigue of the tango.

A graduate of LaTrobe University, she has worked for many years as pianist, vocalist, accordionist, composer and performer with numerous acts, including celebrated Melbourne theatre group Anthill Theatre, and the Astra Choir.  Judy has toured extensively in Australia, Latin America, Europe and Asia with the Melbourne’s acclaimed Chamber Made Opera Company.  She is hailed as a multitalented performer comfortable with repertoires as diverse as classical, country, cabaret, folk and jazz.

Jo To is in demand on the Melbourne music scene for her mastery of the double bass.  She has provided the musical foundation for groups as distinguished as Ray Charles, Renee Geyer, Australian Pops Orchestra, Tony Gould, Alex Pertout, Rhonda Birchmore, Stiletto Sisters, Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood), Tony Barber and the cast of Blue Heelers.   Truly versatile, she performs in jazz, rock, pop, folk, latin, gypsy, big band and classical genres.

Jo’s role in Estuary Three adds yet another colour to her palate.  Her full sound underpins the ensemble and provides a rhythmic and harmonic stability.  In the interactive spirit of the group, Jo also uses the bass to it’s fullest melodic, textural and percussive potential.   Jo received the Frances Quinn Arts Award whilst completing her Bachelor of Music at the VCA, and holds an Advanced Diploma in Music.

Jeremy Woolhouse is rapidly making a name for himself in Melbourne as a versatile and captivating pianist.  His distinctive sound embraces the traditions of an Afro-American jazz background and blends them with a passion for tango and Argentinean music.  He explores these genres in his ensembles Estuary Three, Trio Kestrel, and a host of duets.

Jeremy has become an innovative improviser and creates intriguing interpretations of modern contemporary music.  After completing a Diploma of Music Performance, he  graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.  His mentors included Dr Tony Gould, Bob Sedegrene and Geoff Hughes.  In addition, he has been in workshop with local jazz legends Joe Cindamo, Paul Grabowski and David Jones, and international guests such as Joe Zwavinul, Lee Konitz, and Philip Glass.  Along side the study of improvisation, Jeremy has continually presented compositions reflecting his imaginative and individual approach to music.