Following the success of Woolhouse - Michailidis - Robertson project, pianist Jeremy Woolhouse continues the drummer-less trio format in 2011 with Georgia Weber on bass and Dan Nilsson on guitar.

The ensemble’s aim is to function as a meeting ground for the musicians’ individual sound, using Jeremy’s compositions as the vehicle for the creation of group aesthetic. 

The ensemble reflect influences of modern contemporary jazz masters as epitomised by the ECM recording label.  There is solid grounding in the legacy of  mainstream jazz, which underpins the more modern inclinations.  Inspiration also seeps in from South American music (particularly Argentinean and Brazilian), European, and other world music.  Undercurrents of classical music are often disguised, but present.

The group itself was formed by Jeremy as a vehicle to evolve compositions and explore a new instrumental line up.  The mix of piano, bass and guitar has a particular blend of tonal characteristics.  All being stringed instruments with woody resonance, the trio creates very warm textures.   The distinctive absence of drums from the ensemble is highlights this.  Though the music has a quiet and calming nature, groove is still fundamental, carried across the ensemble in a melodic fashion.

Dan Nilsson’s music has been described by Guitar Player magazine as: "Sophisticated....with an earthy soul".  Dan is at home on electric and acoustic guitars and in an impressive variety of styles.  After graduating from VCA, Dan lived several years in New York performing regularly at iconic jazz venues The Knitting Factory, the 55 Bar and Cornelia St Cafe. He has recorded three albums under his own name and more with other artists.  Dan's original group Rufus Stone made an marked impression in the Melbourne scene and he is currently following his songwriting inclinations, leading his band the Soul Fools.  Dan shares his passion for jazz  and blues, presenting “On the Corner”, a jazz radio program on PBS FM.

A passionate and dedicated musician, Georgia Weber describes herself as “married to her bass”.  Her affinity to her instrument, style and genre has been inspired by jazz luminaries Scott LaFaro and Charlie Haden.  A graduate of Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, Georgia accumulated much experience aboard and in her hometown of Brisbane before settling in Melbourne in 2010.  She has performed, toured and recorded extensively with the West End Composers Collective, Miguel, John Hoffman and Kristin Berardi to name a few.  Her musical open-mindedness allowed Georgia to develop a unique sound which has painted the lower register for some of the world’s most renowned jazz artists.

As a pianist and composer, Jeremy Woolhouse has been acclaimed for lyrical melodies and elegant use of harmony.   His background leading original jazz-tango group “Estuary Three” shines through his work with the Jeremy Woolhouse Trio.  With Ben Robertson and Lucas Michailidis, he recorded “Ascent”, an album of original works which formed the basis of the trio’s current trio’s focus.  Jeremy performs as a leader and sideman for a number of outstanding jazz projects in Melbourne’s jazz club and concert venues.  Through a distinctive sound and individual approach to music Jeremy has been awarded acclaim in both performance and composition.