Three colleagues from the VCA came together in 2001 to form Trio Kestrel.  Trio Kestrel is a vibrant, energetic trio in the standard Afro-American jazz vein.  This captivating ensemble follows the pedigree of the great trios in the celebrated piano, bass drums format.  Trio Kestrel pays an animated homage to the heritage of Bill Evans, Keith Jarret, Oscar Peterson, Thelonius Monk and John Taylor, among others.  The sound is effervescent, contemporary and grounded in the legacy of swing, latin, ballad, funk and other jazz genres.  Whilst embracing the standard broadway tunes, the repertoire includes modern jazz tunes by the likes of Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, and occasionally presents original compositions.

Trio Kestrel invites outstanding local musicians to join with them for special occasions.  Guests have included acclaimed vocalists Gian Slater, Emma Gilmartin and Annemarie Sharry and a host of Melbourne’s premier instrumentalists.