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50 Hortense Street
Glen Iris, VIC, 3146

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Jeremy Woolhouse is a jazz pianist and composer in Melbourne, Australia known for melodic lyricism and elegant use of harmony.

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Technique retraining

Learn to play with a technique that removes strain and discomfort. Wrist, finger or hand pain can be avoided by learning good technique. An integrated approach can teach technique in the context of the music you play. A focused approach can present practices that build speed, agility and tone production skills without risk of injury.

Piano technique retraining

Improve piano technique, remove strain and discomfort.

A functioning piano technique requires the fingers, hands, wrists and arms to be supported by a body which is dynamically poised.

We can learn to coordinate the whole body to apply a good piano technique. In doing so, we remove many of the precursors to any injuries, tensions and pains which may interfere with comfort and performance.

A piano technique which is inclusive of the whole body also paves the way for freedom in the hands and dexterity in finger movement. This may enhance tone production, increase speed and accuracy and contribute to a confident, dynamic and expressive performance.

Alexander Technique is a whole body technique for moving with ease and efficiency. Jeremy Woolhouse is trained and registered as a teacher of Alexander Technique and draws on this modality directly or indirectly when working with piano students.

It is especially relevant to those who are experiencing issues like:

  • RSI, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, tendonitis

  • back pain, neck pain, wrist pain

  • headache, migraine

  • excess tension

  • focal dystonia

It is also pertinent to those who wish to cultivate positive practices for injury prevention and comfort in playing or are looking for a way to take their playing to the next level.

In lessons, students learn to identify and modify patterns of thought and movement which may be non-productive. Pupils learn to understand the human structure and how to use it effectively to meet the requirements of the piano. Alexander Technique proposes a practical strategy for pianists to independently sustain their own comfort.

For the specifics of how the body meets with the instrument, the foundations of Jeremy’s approach come from Taubman Technique. It has integration and efficiency at its core and has been designed to train injury free pianists. Jeremy is not a registered Tubman teacher but draws on his learning experience as the basis for teaching piano technique.

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