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50 Hortense Street
Glen Iris, VIC, 3146

0490 126 293

Jeremy Woolhouse is a jazz pianist and composer in Melbourne, Australia known for melodic lyricism and elegant use of harmony.

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Technique retraining

Learn to play with a technique that removes strain and discomfort. Wrist, finger or hand pain can be avoided by learning good technique. An integrated approach can teach technique in the context of the music you play. A focused approach can present practices that build speed, agility and tone production skills without risk of injury.

Piano technique retraining

Alexander Technique for musicians

Alexander Technique teaches ease and efficiency.  You learns skills to address back pain, neck pain, or other things which interfere with comfort and performance.  Alexander Technique actively helps you while you are sitting, walking, playing, working or doing anything that involves posture or movement.

This is especially relevant to musicians who are experiencing: pain in hands, wrist, shoulder, neck or back, RSI, carpal tunnel, overuse injury, performance anxiety, tension and for those who wish to improve on technique, expression, musicality, confidence, comfort, ease or endurance in performance.

For pianists working on technical development, principles of Taubman Technique are also referred to as complementary to integrated training.

Students of any musical background or genre can benefit from Alexander Technique. For more info visit

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