'Emma Gilmartin has gained a reputation as one of Australia's most talented jazz vocalists. Her voice is undeniably beautiful with "a crystalline purity of vibrato-less tone and flawless pitch.” (Leon Gettler, The Age)

In addition to two albums of exquisite duets with pianist Tony Gould, Emma has performed and recorded with her jazz quartet and has been a finalist in the National Jazz Awards at the Wangaratta Festival.  She has toured locally and internationally with renowned acapella group Coco's Lunch and featured on their album Blueprint, which was nominated for Best World Album in the 2007 ARIA awards.

… uncommon beauty and musicality.  Add to this a sensitivity to lyrics, impeccable sense of pitch, a rare control of vibrato, and you have wonderful artistry.”  Tony Gould – pianist/composer


Jacqueline Gawler is a longstanding singer, composer and percussionist with internationally award-winning vocal quintet Coco's Lunch. She has become one of Australia's most spontaneous and original singer/songwriters, drawing on her history as a contemporary jazz singer and integrating improvisation and pop/rock influences. Her vocal sound and musical interpretations are edgy, sensuous and compelling.  In original music, her quirky poetry is underpinned by a sense of social inquiry, a love of the natural world, and all that makes us human.  Study in Brazil has given Jacqueline a finesse in presenting authentic bossa-nova and Brazilian music.

“Forget kangaroos, boomerangs, outback, INXS, AC / DC or Men at Work... One of the most pleasant surprises of the year comes from [Australia] and her name is Jacqueline Gawler... “ A Vida De Solteiro (Rio magazine) Brazil.

Jade Leonard is a captivating singer, pianist and songwriter best known for her emotive interpretations. Her distinctive sound embraces the traditions of jazz and combines them with a passion for western contemporary and South American music. She presents compositions and performances reflecting an imaginative approach to music.  

Jade has performed at most of Melbourne’s major concert, jazz club, night club and function venues with all types of ensembles covering jazz, contemporary, pop, world and dance music including Bennett’s Lane, The Regent Theatre and Rod Laver Arena.


Trio Kestrel is has its home in the standard Afro-American jazz style.  Kestrel follows the pedigree of the celebrated piano, bass drums format.  It pays homage to the heritage of trios of Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Oscar Peterson and their contemporaries.  The jazz standard swing and ballads of broadway are embraced, with excursions into latin, funk and other jazz sub-genres.  Trio Kestrel often features guest front line singers or instrumentalists.