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Woolhouse - Michailidis - Robertson


Woolhouse - Michailidis - Robertson

a.k.a. Jeremy Woolhouse Trio

The distinctive music of Jeremy Woolhouse, Ben Robertson and Lucas Michailidis draws audiences into a world of rich harmony and soaring melody.  The uncommon instrumental line up of piano, double bass and guitar, creates unique textures and ambience.  The trio set a refined and relaxed mood, alive with nuance.

"free-flowing grooves that produce layers of atmosphere and texture … with Woolhouse unreeling cinematic landscapes on his piano as Michailidis weaves patterns of ethereal guitar work" - Robert Sutton, All About Jazz


Formed in 2006, the trio perform imaginative original compositions grounded in the harmonic sophistication of contemporary jazz.  Grooves inspired by tango and other South American music mix with themes of classical influence.  Improvisations evolve seamlessly from composed and arranged sections in the style of the European jazz sound epitomised by the ECM recording label.  The artists’ backgrounds in world music and jazz crossovers make this a truly international sound, reflective of Melbourne’s multicultural ethos.

The trio aim to keep melody paramount in rendering composition or improvisation. Focusing on creating evocative mood and textures, the ensemble features vibrant interplay amongst the three stringed instruments.

As a pianist and composer, Jeremy Woolhouse has been acclaimed for lyrical melodies and elegant use of harmony. For this trio, Jeremy has brought together musicians of extremely high calibre and international acclaim.  Lucas Michailidis’ has developed an exotic and evocative use of glass slide.  His understated electric and finger picking acoustic guitar work lend an air of distinction. Double bassist Ben Robertson is widely recognised for his inspired solos.  His uncompromising bass virtuosity provides a solid backbone to any ensemble he is part of.

Each member brings a background of diverse experience and together they create a unique and captivating sonic experience.  The band released their debut album "Ascent" in 2010.

"Gently limber, lyrical modern jazz, with whiffs of Brazil” Doug Spencer - The Weekend Planet, Radio National


imaginative original jazz

imaginative original jazz

Ben Robertson is a brilliant and dedicated acoustic bass player, much sought after for his melodic solos and driving rhythm. The high standards he sets and achieves have earned him a reputation in the jazz world.  With studio credits on over 60 jazz and commercial CD releases, many television appearances and national and international tours, Ben performs in diverse situations with artists such as James Morrison, Jo Chindamo, Lee Konitz, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and American Broadway diva Barbara Cook. Ben was composer, arranger and performer for Lisa Young’s Bell awarded “Grace” project, and his work has been nominated for ARIA and APRA awards





“... all three instruments weave intricate magic. The result is pleasing and the mood calming.”
Roger Mitchell, Herald Sun

Lucas Michailidis in the studio recording Ascent with Jeremy Woolhouse and Ben Robertson

Lucas Michailidis is internationally acclaimed for his musical lyricism and outstanding fingerstyle guitar work.  His solo albums have gained attention worldwide along with glowing reviews throughout Australia. His extensive and unconventional use of guitar tunings provides his music with a fresh, melodically driven approach that is free of cliché. 

Lucas has performed extensively as a soloist and as a member of “Zulya and the Children of the Underground”, including several tours of Europe and performances at all major Australian festivals.  Lucas features on Zulya’s album “Waltz of Emptiness”, winner of a National Archive Award and a top-ten ranking in the European World Music charts. 





“There is much to enjoy with gentle refrains that soothe the soul and provide a listening escape into a world of peace, nature and remoteness.” -  Jennifer Sutherland, Melbourne Jazz Meetup Group

Jeremy Woolhouse, with Ben Robertson and Lucas Michailidis

Jeremy Woolhouse is reputed in Melbourne as a captivating contemporary pianist.  His sound embraces the traditions of Afro-American jazz, with influences of European jazz, western classical, Brazilian and tango music. Jeremy is an innovative improviser and creates intriguing interpretations of contemporary music.  He presents compositions reflecting his imaginative and individual approach to music, leading projects with outstanding local musicians.  The “Estuary Three” ensemble was one such project, which attracted much critical acclaim for the exotic blend of tango and jazz music.


"…music that has a calming, therapeutic effect … magical musicianship" - Robert Sutton - Jazz Corner